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All the lyrics of Rick Astley:

Never gonna give you up
Together Forever
Cry For Help
She Wants To Dance With Me
When I Fall In Love
Hold Me In Your Arms
Take Me To Your Heart
My Arms Keep Missing You
It Would Take A Strong Strong Man
Don't Say Goodbye
Never Knew Love
Giving Up On Love
The Ones You Love
Dial My Number
I'll Never Let You Down
12_Move Right Out
The Love Has Gone
Till Then (Time Stands Still)
You Move Me
No More Looking For Love
Slipping Away
I'll Be Fine
Lights Out
Ain't Too Proud To Beg
I Don't Want To Lose Her
A Dream For Us
In The Name Of Love
Don't Ask
Keep It Turned On (remix)
I Don't Want To Be Your Lover
Where Do I Begin
Full Of You
Body And Soul
Wonderful You
Behind The Smile
Is This Really Love?
Nature Boy
close to you
Just Good Friends
Wanna Believe You
I'll Never Set You Free
One Night Stand
What You See Is What You Don't Get
Let's Go Out Tonight
Never Gonna Give Up
Cry Me A River
Romeo Loves Juliet
Ain't Too Proud to Beg/Put Yourself In My Place
Whenever You Need Someone
Body & Soul
Really Got A Problem
Waiting For The Bell To Ring
Make It Easy On Yourself
Stop Breaking Your Heart
Don´t ask
Let It Rain
I Don't Wanna Lose Her
Would Take A Strong, Strong Man
The Once You Love
Coming Home Tonight
Pray with me
Somebody Loves Me
Be with you
God Says
Let It Be Tonight
Wish Away
Angels on my Side
Keep Singing
I Like The Sun
This Old House