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All the lyrics of Kevin Lajiness:

Life is to Short
The Best Songs
Heat Wave
I'm Lonely
Starlight In Your Eyes
I Promise
Forgive Me
I Surrender
The Death Song
Looking Down The Barrel
Diamond Girl
I'm Calling You
Last Man Standing
Last Dance
Part Time Lover
I Had A Dream
Beautiful Woman
Calling Your Name
Live Like There's no Tomorrow
The resurrection
Hey Hey
Gone with the wind
Looking Good
I Am Who I Am
How It Started
Everything Changes
Why Oh Why
Last Man
Indian Woman
State of Mind
Howling at the Moon
If You Only Knew
Picture of Me
The Happy Song
Father Time
Fire Storm of Emotion
I Couldnt Help Myself
There I Go
I Want To Follow You
Blow Me Down
Making Borealis
All Or Nothing
Back in the Saddle
Cry Out To The Rising Sun
Dancing Butterfly Eyes
You Lift Me Up My Friend
Scattered Pictures
All Locked Up Inside
Stairway To Freedom
Its The Spirit In The Dance
The Edge
To Hell With You
Joined as One Forever
Fires Lightning
Title Treaty and Laws
I Walked The Walk In Front of Me
Cry It Away Mix
Beckoning Call
Desolation Reward
Ask and You shall Recieve
Skips a Generation
Ilusions of Grandeur
Use It Or Loose It
Echo Maker
Search for Heaven In a Song
Call Of The Wild
Charleena (Preview)
Walk A Mile
The Beckoning
Fallen Angel Cry
Before The Sun Rizes mix
Who Knows Who
Black Sheep
I Remember You
Why Does The Sun Go Down Mix
Dream lady
Why Can't I See Oh Lord Mix
Can I Reach Down Latin Version
How Do You Know
People Will Know
Back in the Saddle Again Mix
Looking Like a Clown
Angel Woman
Wake Me Up
I Bang the Drums for You
Thoughts That I Wonder
If you aint got nothing nice to say
The Man With Broken Wings
Oh Jesus The Man's Man
Cried and Cried My Life Story
I'm Standing In Frount of You
In a Bed of Roses I Lye
They DonT' Really Know Me
I Surrender Remix
Take it I'm Gone
Angel mermade
Beautiful Woman In Love