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All the lyrics of Iron Fire:

Kill For Metal
Angel Of Light
March of the Immortals
The Beast From The Blackness
Until The End
The Final Crusade
Glory To The King
To The Grave
Wings Of Rage
Reborn To Darkness
Enter Oblivion OJ-666
Frozen In Time
Hail to Odin
When The Heroes Fall
Metal Victory
The Battlefield
Rise Of The Rainbow
The Demon Master
Cover the Sun
The end of it all
Brotherhood Of The Brave
Slaughter Of Souls
The Kingdom
Fate Of Fire
Ghost of Vengeance
Behind The Mirror
Voyage Of The Damned
The Final Odyssey
Warriors Of Steel
Doom Riders
Into The Abyss
Dawn Of Victory
Bridges Will Burn
Riding Free
The Underworld
Legend Of The Magic Sword
Lord Of The Labyrinth
Follow The Sign
Metal Messiah
With Different Eyes
The Battle Of Freedom
Ten Years In Space
Dreams Of The Dead Moon
Verge To Collide
Blade Of Triumph
Savage Prophecy
Mind Machine
Still Alive
Blacksmith Of Thunder [bonus track]
Steel Invaders
Bloodbath of Knights
My Awakening
Lost N' Alone
Prince of agony
Stand As King
Ice-Cold Arion
Gladiator's Path
Realm Of Madness
Left For Dead
Break the Spell
Wanted Man
Alone in the Dark
Here And Alive
The Graveyard
Forever Evil
Drowning In Blood
Riding Through Hell
The Dark Beyond
On The Edge
Under Jolly Roger
The price of blood
Back In The Pit
Whirlwind of Doom
Night of the Demon
Odin's Call
Jackal's Eye
Eternal Damnation
Gates of Cybertron
Phantom Symphony
Island of Damnation
Battle Of Freedom