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All the lyrics of Gotthard:

Heaven (Live)
One Life, One Soul
Let It Rain
All I Care For
Lift U Up
All We Are (Live)
Let It Be
Anytime, Anywhere
Sister Moon
Father Is That Enough (TJ)
Mountain Mama (Live)
Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)
Master of Illusion
The Call
Have A Little Faith
Everything I Want
What I Like
End Of Time
I Wonder
Reason to live
Top Of The World
Make My Day
And Then Goodbye
Need To Believe
I'm On My Way
Tears To Cry
Nothing Left At All
Come Together
Dream On
Domino Effect
I've Seen An Angel Cry
Lonely People
Gone Too Far
Everything Can Change
Standing in the light
In the Name
Remember it's me
Hey Jimi
Eagle (TJ)
Janie's Not Alone
Don't Let Me Down
Human Zoo
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
Unconditional Faith
Shangri La
The Cruiser (Judgement Day)
Love Soul Matter
Letter To A Friend
Heal Me
The Other Side Of Me
Unspoken Words
Starlight (Acoustic Version)
Fist In Your Face
First Time In A Long Time
Get Down
Still I Belong To You
Hole In One
Where Is Love When It's Gone
I Don't Mind
Immigrant Song
Here Comes The Heat
Said &Done
I Know, You Know
Stay For The Night
No Tomorrow
Light In Your Eyes
Peace Of Mind
Movin' On
Take Me
Say Goodbye
tomorrows just begun
Lonely Heartache
Where I Belong
Take It Easy
Open Fire
Tell Me
Said And Done
Right From Wrong
Looking At You
Dirty Devil Rock
Mean Street Rocket
What Can I Do
One In A Million
Get It While You Can
Blackberry Way
Out On My Own
Lay Down The Law
I'm Alive
Free and alive