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All the lyrics of Golden Earring:

Radar Love
Twilight Zone (Live)
Going to the Run
When The Lady Smiles
Back Home
Another 45 Miles
Buddy Joe
She Flies on Strange Wings
Long Blond Animal
The Devil Made Me Do It
Weekend Love
Last Of The Mohicans
Clear night moonlight
Why Do I
Candy's Going Bad
Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart
I've Just Lost Somebody
I Can't Sleep Without You(Acoustic)
Hold Me Now
Sound Of The Screaming Day
Eight Miles High(Acoustic)
Mad Love's Comin'
Quiet Eyes
Johnny Make Believe(Acoustic)
Vanilla Queen
Just Like Vince Taylor
Kill Me (ce Soir)
My Killer My Shadow
Temporary Madness
The vanilla queen
Are you receiving me
Paradise In Distress
Holy Holy Life
Please Go
This Wheel's on Fire
Big Tree, Blue Sea
One Shot Away From Paradise
As Long as the Wind Blows
They Dance
Where Will I Be(Acoustic)
Burning Stuntman
Turn the world around
Movin' Down Life
Pouring My Heart Out Again
In My House
Daddy buy me a girl
Something Heavy Going Down
Making Love to Yourself
Stand by Me
I Am A Fool
Song Of A Devils Servant
No For An Answer
To The Hilt
Together we live, together we love
I do rock 'n roll
Mission impossible
Lost and found
The Wall of Dolls
I Sing My Song
Whisper In A Crowd
See See
In a Bad Mood
That Day
The Fighter
When Love Turns to Pain
Who Do You Love(Acoustic)
Albino Moon
Planet Blue
Distant Love
Bloody buccaneers
Smoking Cigarettes (Bonus Track)
Ce Soir
Little Time Bomb
From heaven from hell
A Sound I Never Heard
Why Me
Chargin' up my batteries
The Naked Truth
Pourin' my heart out again
Heart beat
Still Got The Keys To My First Cadillac
All Day Watcher
This Is the Time of the Year
Against The Grain
Liquid Soul
Love Is a Rodeo