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All the lyrics of Firehouse:

I Live My Life For You
Love Of A Lifetime
When I Look Into Your Eyes
Here For You
You Are My Religion
When I See You Smile
in your perfect world
Dont Treat Me Bad
All She Wrote
Love Don't Care
No One At All
Sleeping With You
Reach For The Sky
Seven Bridges Road
i need you now
Love Is A Dangerous Thing
Hold Your Fire
Christmas With You
Mama Didn't Raise No Fool
Shake And Tumble
I live my live for you
Overnight Sensation
Love A LifeTime
Don't Walk Away
Hold The Dream
Rock On The Radio
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Trying To Make A Living
Bringing Me Down
Get In Touch
Acid Rain
Can't Stop The Pain
Lover's Lane
Love of the lifetime
I'd Do Anything
Loving You Is Paradise
Shake &Tumble
Angel Eyes
Arrow Through My Heart
The Day, The Week, And The Weather
Rock You Tonight
Oughta Be A Law
You're Too Bad
Get A Life
Somethin' 'bout Your Body
The Meaning Of Love
What's Wrong
Life In The Real World
Two Sides
Talk Of The Town
The Nights Were Young
Seasons of Change
Let Go
Don't Fade on Me
Life Goes On
If It Changes
Get Ready
Have Mercy
I Need You Know
Take Me Higher
I'd Rather Be Making Love
Call of the Night
What You Can Do
Prime Time
Take It Off
Perfect Lie
Take Me Away
I'm in Love This Time
Door to Door
I'm the One
Holding On
Body Language
The Dark
I Live My Life for Love
Something About Your Body
Another Theory Shot To Shit
You've Got Another Thing Coming
Chemical Wire
Choose Any Memory
Brave Captain
Love Of A Lifetime - Good Acoustic
Under The Influence Of Meat Puppets
It Matters
On Your Knees
The Candle And The Flame
Things Could Turn Around
Can't Stop The Pain The Pain
No One At All - Acoustic
Love Of A Lifetime - ST
Perfect Pairs