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All the lyrics of Eels:

i need some sleep
Fresh Feeling
Novocaine for the Soul
My Beloved Monster
Mr E's Beautiful Blues
Susan's House
Beautiful Freak
Royal Pain
Your Lucky Day In Hell
I Like Birds
Losing Streak
love of the loveless
Hey Man
Last Stop_ This Town
Saturday Morning
Blinking Lights (for Me)
not ready yet
Rags To Rags
The Sound of Fear
Guest List
That Look You Give That Guy
Cancer For The Cure
Bus Stop Boxer
Grace Kelly Blues
Climbing To The Moon
Trouble with Dreams
3 Speed
Son of a Bitch
The Good Old Days
That's Not Really Funny
Ant Farm
Christmas is Going to the Dogs
Fresh Blood
Somebody Loves You
Selective Memory
Wooden Nickels
It's A Motherfucker
Packing Blankets
Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor
Dirty Girl
To Lick Your Boots
PS You Rock My World
Electro-shock Blues
Man Up
Dog Faced Boy
Hospital Food
My Descent Into Madness
Efils' God
If You See Natalie
lone wolf
In my dreams
Railroad Man
Tiger In My Tank
Dead Of Winter
Woman Driving, Man Sleeping
A Daisy Through Concrete
The Medication Is Wearing Off
Daisies Of The Galaxy
All The Beautiful Things
I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart
Baby Genius
The Stars Shine In The Sky Tonight
Suicide Life
Something Is Sacred
02 From Which I Came_A Magic World (short)
Friendly Ghost
Going To Your Funeral Part I
Souljacker Part 1
Estate Sale
A Line in the Dirt
Spectacular Girl
Gone Man
Old Shit/New Shit
Theme From Blinking Lights
World Of Shit
Beginner's Luck
Rock Hard Times
Peach Blossom
All In A Day's Work
New Alphabet
The Beginning
Kinda Fuzzy
Jeannie's Diary
Bombs Away
Teenage Witch
End Times
In My Younger Days
The Longing
Accident Prone
Mansions of los Feliz
In Gratitude For This Magnificent Day
I Like The Way This Is Going
Numbered Days
Last Time We Spoke