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All the lyrics of Accept:

Balls To The Wall
Metal Heart
Fast as a Shark
Turn Me On
Princess Of The Dawn
Restless And Wild
Winter Dreams
London Leatherboys
Head Over Heels
Love Child
Can't Stand The Night
Son Of A Bitch
Midnight Mover
Russian Roulette (5:23)
Amamos La Vida
I'm A Rebel
Up To The Limit
Kill The Pain
Screaming For A Love-Bite
The King
Teutonic Terror
Beat The Bastards
Lady Lou
Breaking Up Again
Fight It Back
No Time To Lose
Wrong Is Right
T. V. War
Neon Nights
Losers And Winners
Living For Tonite
Guardian Of The Night
Dogs On Leads
Too High To Get It Right
The Abyss
Hung Drawn And Quartered
Blood Of The Nations
Writing On The Wall
Run If You Can
Losing More Than You've Ever Had
Ahead Of The Pack
Tired Of Me
Shake Your Heads
Bound To Fail
It's Hard To Find A Way
Midnight Highway
Teach Us To Survive
Flash Rockin' Man
Aiming High
Shades Of Death
Glad To Be Alone
Another Second To Be
Locked And Loaded
Generation Clash
Shadow Soldiers
China Lady
Heaven Is Hell
Get Ready
Rolling Thunder
Save Us
Street Fighter
Walking In The Shadow
New World Comin'
Take Him In My Heart
Bucket Full of Hate
Objection Overruled
Man Enough To Cry
Flash To Bang Time
Time Machine
Do It
Run Through The Night
Sounds Of War
Hard Attack
Down And Out
No Shelter
Free Me Now
Death Row
I Don't Wanna Be Like You
Against The World
Stand Tight
Demon's Night
Twist Of Fate
All Or Nothing
Slaves To Metal
Thunder And Lightning
Don't Go Stealing My Soul Away